TATargets: Let Freedom Ring

Steel targets are a very popular item used on the range these days. Being able to hear when you hit your target is a nice quality and the sound the target makes when the bullet strikes is very rewarding to any shooter.

I have had the pleasure of shooting some of Tactical AR500 Targets, Inc. AKA TATargets steel targets on my range. As of right now I have their 4” gong, rifle falling tree and their new target that just dropped this week which is the 2/3 Magnum A-DAP which makes an exceptionally nice ring. All three of these targets are made with AR550 so I can shoot them with both pistol and rifle. Below you will find my latest video testing out their new 2/3 Magnum A-DAP.

Both the falling tree and A-DAP target came with a very sturdy base and installation was a breeze. After putting a couple hundred rounds on my new targets I noticed very minimal damage. There were no dents like I’ve experienced in other steel targets I’ve previously used.

So let me tell you a little about this company. TATargets originally began with two guys, Kirby and Ethan, who were out training with a friend when they learned there was a need for an affordable, reliable, automated target that could be placed anywhere and used remotely, either alone or in multiple sets. They began the development and testing of the Phantom Target and during the protype phase they brought in a third person, Jared. Shortly after the final testing of the first phantom design, they incorporated, filed patent applications and TATargets was born.

The owners of TATargets like to think outside the box to design and create targets in a way nobody has done before. They personally design, build and test their own products on their own time and they have designed their products to withstand the rigors of high volume shooting.

This company has two goals in mind: be the best and give their customers the best. They require certifications for ALL of their AR500 and AR550 steel. All AR plate steel must meet their minimum Brinell Hardness requirements and have certifications for each piece in hand before they will accept the steel. They have even turned steel away because it did not meet their quality standard.

You can check them out at and if you use my code 2magjen you will get 10% off their products!

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