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Good day to everyone! I am one of the new writers for GunDose and my name is Jonathon McMenamy. I am an Active Duty U.S. Marine Stationed in Quantico, VA. Linda, my wife, and I got married this past August and on May 11th we welcomed our son Lucca into the world. I love to shoot and do anything gun related to be honest. I enjoy competing (currently a Class B Production Shooter in USPSA), Hunting, Sports, and relaxing with my family. This July my family and I will be making a move to Camp Pendleton, CA for a 3-4 year tour. I am for the most part excited about this move, the only downfall is as everyone knows the gun laws, but that won’t stop me from enjoying firearms I can assure you of that. My job here as a writer for GunDose is to inform the average shooter on any major news, reviews (weapons, gear, companies, etc.), and just overall daily life when it comes to firearms. My goal for this is to appeal to the average guy or gal. I don’t have a huge budget or hundreds of guns or all the gear in the world. I have 2 pistols (Glock 34 and S&W M&P Shield) a Savage .308 for hunting, a couple shotguns (12 & 20 gauge) and couple rim fire rifles (22 and 17 HMR).

As of right now I only have a couple of sponsors, TALON Grips was my first sponsor, if you have not been to their website or tried their gear I highly recommend you to do so. I absolutely love their grips and I won’t shoot a pistol without getting one of their grips on there first. Next, I am also sponsored by Sandpiper of California and they have some amazing bags at a very reasonable price! I have multiple bags from them and they are all I use when it comes to tactical bags! Lastly, I also write for Ammo Subscription ( as part of the competition blog writer and they have such an amazing thing going for them. Stand by as my next blog will be a full review of their company!

With that, my goal is to become a respectable name in the firearms world and I think this is a very easy goal to obtain. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them!

Of course, if you have ANY questions please feel free to email me at Also please give me a follow on Instagram (Link available in my profile)!


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GLOCK – VICKERS 19 RTF2 9MM FDE 15+1 4.02″ NS

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Active Duty U.S. Marine who loves to shoot. Currently a Class B Production shooter in USPSA and I'm currently a beginner blogger. Looking forward to getting my name out there and I'm super stoked for the future!

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