Ammo Subscription Review

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing Ammo Subscription! First off, yes, I am affiliated with Ammo Subscription as one of their writer’s as well. No, I am not here to sell you on them. My goal as a writer is to put real reviews on my personal thoughts of companies and their products. With that, my reviews will never be biased and I will always strive to have a neutral review of a company.

Company goal: Tanner Maxson, who is the creator and owner of Ammo Subscription, set out to create an easy way to get ammo shipped to your door monthly, every other month, or every three months. On their website they have several different calibers to choose from (rifle and pistol). As for the overall idea, I think this is top notch, it hasn’t been introduced yet and moving forward this company has a lot of potential.

Website overview: First look at the website and you can tell that it was created with the customer in mind. You have a shop button on the front screen that will take you to all the ammo calibers they have. In the menu tab they have your usual categories (about us, all products, blog, gift card, contact us, and login). As you scroll down you can see their coming soon, new arrivals, about us and shooter news (blog). Overall, the front screen of this website is setup so you can maneuver to any part of the website fairly easy.

Products: The variety of ammo is limited but covers all the bases when it comes to range ammo. You have .223 55gr FMJ, .308 150gr FMJ, 40 S&W 180gr RNFP, 45 Auto 230gr RN, 9mm 115gr RNCP, 9mm 147gr RNCP Softy. They also have a basic cleaning kit for sale and most of their ammo comes in 50 round boxes but you can get the Softy and 115gr 9mm in 250 round boxes.

Blog: This is just getting started for Ammo Subscription and it is beginning to take form. Blogs include topics over competition shooting, everyday carry, tactics, prepping, really anything and everything that might be of interest to someone. Most categories are covered by a different writer and everyone has a unique background.

Overall thoughts: Overall, I think that Ammo Subscription is a unique company that is setting out to change the way people order ammo. I recently ordered 500 rounds of the 9mm 115gr and I have gone through about half so far and I haven’t had any light primer strikes or jams. I am anxious to try out some of the 147gr Softy ammo as I am an avid competition shooter and once I do I will definitely write a review on it.

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