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Triggers are a very popular upgrade on guns these days but I have always kept mine stock. Scrolling through Instagram I came across Tactical Trigger’s page and became curious. I knew a few people who had their trigger upgrade and they had nothing but positive feedback so I decided to give it a try.

The first thing I noticed about my new trigger was the reduced pre-travel. The pull is nice and crisp, about 1/8 to 1/16″ travel from wall to break. I chose a flat trigger shoe and I love the way it feels compared to the curved stock Glock trigger. My first day on the range I noticed my groupings were a little better. I decided to push it a little farther and try to shoot a bullet casing off my rubber dummy target, which I have unsuccessfully attempted many times in the past, and nailed it on my third attempt. You can find that video on my Instagram page. Could it have been just luck? We’ll never know. Okay, enough about me, let me tell you about this company.

Kenton Fife has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked in Aerospace for the past 15 years. His company, Tactical Trigger, LLC, specializes in Glock drop-in triggers and upgrades for safety, reliability, and performance.

It all started with a video post. Kenton posted a video on Instagram of a trigger concept he did on his Glock 19 and it received over 19,000 views. He worked with shooters to further develop and refine concepts with the intention of being able to offer a safe, reliable drop-in trigger or components for Glocks with unprecedented performance. In the process of this development, there were a number of interested customers so therefore Tactical Triggers, LLC was formed.

So what does Tactical Trigger currently offer? They started only offering 9mm and 40S&W Glock Triggers but now offer almost every model and generation of Glock trigger with the most recent addition of the 45acp, 10mm, and 45gap for gen 4 and sf/s models. They also recently introduced OEM polymer trigger variants with optional modifications to the factory trigger shoe. One variant provides an option in a class of its own for production competition shooters.

So why choose Tactical Trigger? They strive to offer affordable solutions that make a real difference for shooters and constantly evaluate their manufacturing methods and processes to ensure superior consistency and increase value to the shooter. They also educate on how to properly inspect for safety and reliability. What more can you ask for?

For all of you who don’t own a Glock, Tactical Trigger will offer solutions for other models in the future!

Check them out at www.tacticaltriggers.com

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